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  • ไมโครโฟน USB FIFINE K678 USB Microphone with low-latency for GAMING, STREAMING, RECORDING
ไมโครโฟน USB FIFINE K678 USB Microphone with low-latency for GAMING, STREAMING, RECORDING

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ไมโครโฟน USB FIFINE K678 USB Microphone with low-latency for GAMING, STREAMING, RECORDING
FIFINE K678 USB Microphone

FIFINE K678 USB Microphone

Setup with ease and control of a pro
  • In FIFINE's latest USB mic, you will get the combination of practicality and playability with an LED indicator, mute button, volume dials and headphone jack!
  • But it is not even close to new if the microphone is just plug & play on Windows, Mac or Linux (incompatible with Xbox).
  • What differs K678 from the rest USB mics is a refined all-in-one solution keeping the good points of XLR setup: gain control, instant mute and live monitoring while ditching the inconvenience.

Power exists in appearance
  • Do not underestimate the look of a microphone even if you are not a singer performing on stage. Grow your channel subscribers and views with impressive looking gear seen in your streaming or videos.
  • By looking at the mesh top and slick black finish body and holding in your hand to feel its heavy duty, the word premium is on the tip of your lip.
  • The triangle stand does not only add aesthetic appeal, it also gives stability to a desktop mic that is prone to vibration. For audience wearing headphone, it is friendly of you to stream with less subtle noise.
  • You can even take the stand off and hook the mic to an boom arm stand with the included adapter.

Fewer controls are more practical
  • Some like the appeal of an XLR microphone setup, which involves more controls, thinking it is more likely to record higher quality signal. But it could also be a death trap: One mistake with any dial, you will sound like garbage.
  • USB mic could overrun XLR setup for simplicity. You are going to save lots of time to learn the skill and experience the trials and errors.
  • Turn up music at the middle of streaming, turn down your teammate when the flight starts. All done through the input control, without having to quit Discord.
  • The quick mute button is useful when you need to cough or sneeze while streaming, web conferencing or broadcasting. LED indicator glows to give you mute/unmute status.
  • It has always been confusing for podcasters or musicians being unsure of what the audio will sound like in final production with a USB mic. Now, problem solved with the headphone control & latency-free monitoring of K678!

Fancy things stop, true sound unveiled
  • With gaming sound, you will lose more or less of clarity in streaming, which makes an expensive XLR setup less worthy. So it makes more sense to raise competition between USB mics.
  • The 16mm size capsule makes your voice appear larger. Therefore at the same speaking distance, it offers better low end frequency response. But the fine-tuned thickness of the lows is not going to muddy you sound.
  • In keeping with the character of the FIFINE brand, it is also calibrated for high ends clarity and more details up top.
  • In a nutshell, it has much more well-rounded sound and smoother tone than any other FIFINE microphones, making it fit in almost any situation.

  • Type : Condenser
  • Polar Pattern : Cardioid
  • Frequency Response : 40-20kHz
  • Sensitivity : -45d±3dB
  • S/N Ratio : 85dB
  • Power Supply : 5V/80mA
  • USB power Output Connection : USB 2.0

What's Included
FIFINE MICROPHONE K678 Desktop stand 3/8" male to 5/8" female adapter

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